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About Zing ArtWear

Q:  What is it made out of?

A:  If we told you, we’d have to kill you!
Zing is made from our own proprietary formula created to provide a strong, yet flexible, lightweight material that lies comfortably on your skin.

Q:  Can I wear it in the sun?

A:  Yes, especially if you want a cool tan line!
Our Zing formula is compatible with sun screens and lotions and has no toxic chemicals that react to sunlight or heat.

Q:  Can I wear it swimming?

A:  Yes, but not as a flotation device!
Zing is not affected by chlorine or salt water.  Jump in!

Q:  How long will it last?

A:  How long do you have?
Zing will last for an indefinite number of years when properly stored between wearings in any enclosed container – like a jewelry box…bag…you get the idea.

Q:  What does “eco-friendly” mean?

A:  If you shout in a canyon, it answers back…nicely?
Sorry.  Eco-friendly means that our proprietary formula contains no harmful chemicals common to other similar materials.

Q:  How does it attach?

A:  Painlessly!  (the best reason to NOT get a tattoo!)
One end has a toggle.  Pinch together and insert from the top down into one of the holes on the other end.  Size is adjustable.

Q:  How does it DE-tach?

A:  Ah…the next best reason to NOT get a tattoo!
It comes off as painlessly as it goes on.